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Shawna Allen, LMT #17788

Perfect Imbalance is a Therapeutic/Sports Massage practice. I specialize within Sports massage, Deep Tissue massage and Cupping. All styles are incorporated to find the best possible massage suited for each individual person.


I have always had a passion to help people. I feel everyone has their own perfect imbalance, and that no one person’s body has the same structure. My goal is simple; I want to make life better for my clients.  I love to figure out the mystery and determine the best plan of action to relieve any aliment. This can take time, patience and the knowledge to know enough about the imbalances causing the problem. There are many things we can’t change on a molecular level, but with the manipulation of the muscle fibers there is the ability to redesign a better quality of body movement.  

The Structural Deep Tissue Massage I perform is great for painful areas that cause limited range of movement and pain on movement. The Sports Massage isn’t your typical event massage. I use it to loosen tight muscles, assist with realignment of scar tissue and open up the muscle fibers. This can help prevent injuries and reduce pain from things like tendinitis, post-surgical scars and old injuries.  Thai massage preformed on the tabletop allows for the entire body to be stretched at every joint. The movements are painless and afterwards leave you with the most amazing amount of energy. These are the modalities I use to work on my clientele. I have worked on clients with varies types of issues from headaches, backaches, sports injuries, car accident injuries, to some that just wanted to bring their stress level down.

I am very excited for this new venture. I look forward to meeting new clients and beginning them on a path of recovery and future wellness.

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